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Ambaheat Commercial & Industrial Heating

Radiant Tube Heaters

Radiant tube heaters mounted overhead, produce infra-red radiant heat that is directed downward by a reflector. The primary source of natural radiant energy is the Sun. When standing in the Sun's rays a feeling of warmth is experienced, whilst in the shade, it feels considerably cooler. Radiant heat warms all solid objects in its path.

Radiant energy is transmitted in the form of electromagnetic vibrations or waves, which are emitted by hot surfaces, travel in straight lines, just like light, and are absorbed by cooler solid objects and surfaces on which they fall.

Amba Heat Ltd. have acknowledged the potential energy saving which Ambi-Rad has exploited in the concept of its energy-efficient radiant heating systems. Radiant tube heaters, mounted overhead, produce infra-red radiant heat that is directed downward by a reflector.
The infra-red heat passes through the air without heating it and falls on people, floors, machinery etc. below, creating a comfortable all round radiant warmth at low level, without wastefully heating the whole volume of the building, or the roof space. Because radiant heat can be controlled directionally, only the occupied areas of the building need to be heated, which enables considerable energy savings to be realised.

Advantages of Radiant Heaters

We can install heaters which qualify for government funding see

• Very low running costs.
 Ideal and very cost effective for heating large air volumes, with high
air change rates

Applications of Radiant Heaters

 Factory Heating
 Workshop Heating
 Warehouse Heating
 Machine Shop Heating
 Manufacturing Facility Heating
 Railway Maintenance Sheds / Depot Heating
 Aircraft Hangar Heating
 Car / Bus / Coach / Truck Garage Heating
 Auto Showroom Heating
 Sport / Recreational Hall Heating
 Tennis Court Heating
 Squash Court Heating
 Event Arena Heating
 Stadium Heating
 School Hall Heating
 Church Heating
 Green House Heating
 Garden Centres Heating
 Farm / Agricultural Building Heating
 Retail Depot Heating
 Retail Warehouse Heating

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